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How the live sale works
    1.    Make a purchase on our website of a live sale number which is a $10 deposit plus a one time shipping fee. (the deposit goes towards your purchase)
    2.    You need a box number to participate in the live sale, this is the number you will use to claim items during the live sale
    3.    You will need to make a minimum purchase of $10 the deposit is non-refundable so we encourage everyone to spend the $10.
    4.    The live sale works in the following way, we show a product, give a price, and a code word, the first person to claim the item with their box number, zip code, and code word will be the person who receives the item in their box, we apologize for any inconvenience but tik tok can filter comments and we are unable to see them so don’t stop trying.
    5.    The Live sale is a live sale you are responsible for only claiming items you want !

No items will be taken out , because YOU claimed them , serious claims and buyers only no returns or exchanges on live sale packages
    6.    After the live sale ends, we will be invoicing, this will be sent to the email or phone number you used to check out, you are responsible for paying the invoice in 24 hours, after 24 hours you are no longer able to pay the invoice and your box will be resold to other interested customers, and remember the deposit is non refundable.

Invoices will be sent Thursday !! It’s takes 3-4 processing days to ship ! Make sure to send a direct message on our instagram or an email if you do not receive an invoice, remember that it is your responsibility to reach out, so therefore we can resend the invoice as soon as possible.



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